Working with Lauren FAQ

If I sign up with you for a nutrition challenge, do I go cold turkey right away?

You do not have to. The bi-annual group 45-day Paleo challenges my partner and I run at CrossFit gyms are a true challenge with a point system and prizes. If you want to WIN a group challenge, you would want to go cold turkey right out of the gate. If you just want to participate with the group as a personal challenge for yourself, you can use the challenge to wean yourself off sugar/fast food/dairy/alcohol over the course of the challenge with the support of your CF friends and the private Facebook group we run.

If you sign up for one-on-one 45-day Paleo Nutrition coaching with me, I will start you off right away to succeed. That means we may spend the first two, or even three, weeks eliminating foods and beverages in a step-by-step manner. When you work with me one-on-one the process is completely customized to “meet you where you are at” in your life.

Do you only do “Paleo” style nutrition challenges/coaching?

Yes. I am committed to Paleo as an elimination-based dietary reset that encompasses the parameters of being grain free, dairy free, sugar free, and legume free. My challenges follow strict Paleo guidelines.

My partner/mom/sister/uncle isn’t a CrossFitter but they need help with their diet. Would you work with them?

I do not work with people outside of a CrossFit membership. However, if you are participating in either a group challenge or one-on-one coaching with me, there is nothing stopping them from mimicking what you are doing. I would not work directly with them, but I encourage all my athletes to build a support community around themselves in order to achieve greater success!

If your partner/mom/sister/uncle really needs help with their health, please see the work Karen does with people and read her BIO and FAQ page. Karen is a licensed healthcare practitioner and would love to help whomever in your life needs it!

What if my partner/roommate/kid doesn’t want to do it along with me?

This is not an uncommon scenario. I am very experienced working with clients that do not have across the board support at home. I will give you real life strategies to cope with this reality.

I am a CrossFitter AND I have an autoimmune disorder (ex. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, Hashimotos or Hypothyroidism,etc) and/or medical health issue (ex. Diabetes, PCOS, Hypertension, Chrons disease). May I still work with you?

Yes, you may still work with me. If you work with me I will strongly encourage you to let your doctor know you are making dietary adjustments. I will not advise you on anything regarding your medical condition or prescription medications.

If you are dealing with a health issue, I would encourage you to look into working with Karen.  Please see her BIO and FAQ page.

What is a benchmark workout?

A Benchmark workout is a workout that is performed at the start of your challenge and repeated at the very end of your challenge. Your first benchmark workout creates your baseline of performance. Your benchmark results at the end are compared to the results of your first benchmark to calculate improvement.

Benchmarks workouts are CrossFit workouts. You will want this to be your ONLY workout of the day in order to produce maximum results.

I do not belong to/own either of the CrossFits you are at.  Would you consider running a challenge at my CrossFit?

I would absolutely run a challenge at your CF as long as it's within an hour driving distance from Folsom CA. If you are outside of that range, we should still talk and we may be able to get creative and make it work. Please email me at

I am a competitive CrossFitter, or am aspiring to compete. How would you work with me?

The work I do with my athletes is completely customized. Whether your focus is fat loss, Fran time, or making the team for Regionals, we would work together to create the ideal way of fueling yourself to reach your goals. I would also look at your current workout times and weights, take your past workout history and see what, if anything, we would adjust along with your nutrition and macros.