For more information about working with Karen, or to request a 20 minute free call, please fill out the email form at the bottom of this page. You will receive a response within 24 hours. 
Out of area clients are welcome, as I am set up to work with people long distance.


*Please see my FAQ's about working with me*


New Client Consultation $150 (90 mins)
During this consultation we will discuss your medical and health history and current health concern. We will discuss IN DEPTH your current nutrition and cover necessary changes you need to make in your DIET to facilitate recovery from your health concern. If time permits this session may include appropriate treatment (ex. acupuncture, cupping, acupressure). 

Single Session $80 (up to 70 mins)
These appointments include conversation about the current state of your health concern, any new concerns, time for questions, advice and possible updates to your health plan, acupuncture, body work and/or cupping treatment as necessary. 

Monthly Membership Specials:

  • 4 sessions $300 ($20 savings)
  • 6 sessions $432 ($48 savings)
  • 8 sessions $560 ($80 savings)

*Sessions may be used anytime within the month (30 days). 

"A La Carte menu" for existing clients:

Nutrition Session $120 (90 minutes) - This is an appointment solely dedicated to discussing your current health and diet and what changes you can make to create a radical state of wellness.

Food Log - This is a real time food logging experience via Google Docs. You record what you are eating and I leave comments or suggestions. This is excellent daily support.
Food Log 2 weeks - $160
Food Log 4 weeks - $240 (save $80)

Phone Consultation - Feeling stuck or confused as to how to implement recommendations? Having trouble creating a new habit? Not sure where to start? Need emotional support? We can have a call and I will give you guidance and real life ideas to help you create lasting and necessary change. 
30 minute call- $40
each additional 15 min - $10

Pantry Raid - This is a really fun and educational experience for just you or the whole family. I come to your home, we raid your pantry (and fridge!) and I share with you the nitty-gritty about the food, treats, and supplements you and your family have in your home. I will let you know what better decisions are and how to incorporate them into your life and schedule. These sessions, as is all of my work, are completely individual and customized to your and your families lifestyle and needs.
1 hour session - $130 (within 5 miles* of my office)
Each additional 15 minutes - $20 (up to two hours)
  *over 5 miles from my office - 55c per mile round trip

Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas: Priced per order, approximately $20-60 per formula

    Please send an email for more information. 

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