We highly recommend Diane Sanfilippo as a terrific Paleo lifestyle resource. Her 2nd edition of Practical Paleo is full of information and great recipes!

Mark Sisson is basically the father of Paleo/Primal. His website, Mark's Daily Apple is a go-to site for lifestyle, nutrition, recipes, life hacks, and motivational real life success stories.

Danielle Walker is another long term Paleo blogger and recipe creator. Her cookbooks are excellent, we are particularly loving her newest book "Celebrations". We have made several recipes already and each one has been a complete success!



We recommend the following practitioners based on personal experience and the outstanding results they have provided us.

Celio "Ty" Silva

Ty is a Level 3 Neurokinetic Therapist, combining this powerful modality with several forms of bodywork, and is a personal trainer. Ty has been singularly instrumental in our healing process. Lauren has experienced tremendous healing from her herniated discs. Within 2 months, seeing Ty twice a week, she had a complete recovery from her back pain and sciatica, and was able to begin lifting weights and working out after nearly 3 years! Karen Began seeing Ty in July of 2015. From the long term experience of Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders, and Scoliosis, plus multiple horse back riding accidents, Ty had his work cut out for him! In her first visit, he admittedly didn't know where to start with her. One year later, Karen is pain free, coordinated, physically fit, able to perform physical activities in balance. Her riding improved dramatically. People comment they would have no idea she had significant scoliosis. 

Dr. Dale Powers

Dr. Powers is an amazing chiropractor in Auburn, Ca. His gentle yet extremely precise adjustments are equally full of care and efficacy. He goes above and beyond for his patients and his office is peaceful and comfortable. He has studied healing and care of the human frame far beyond the definition of chiropractic, yet remains true to the essential benefit of the practice.