"I was feeling so good that I continued to eat paleo for the next week, mostly because I had a competition that next weekend for Masters athletes. Thanks to the good nutrition of the Paleo diet i was able to take first place in my age group. I would highly recommend the challenge to anyone. I have seen great success eating this way . Whole foods only no processed foods."

~john C. 2016 Nutrition challenge participant


your body wants to be well...

          ...We want to help you get there

That statement is truly the embodiment of our practice. There are many factors that contribute to health: Sleep, attitude, lifestyle, diet, fitness.  We believe the fuel one puts into their body is the lynchpin of the whole spectrum of health. The human body, our physical form, is a chemistry machine. Coursing through miles and miles of venus and arterial systems is our life force- our blood. Our chemistry profile. That profile- whether the chemistry of health or the chemistry of illness- is determined by what we consume. Every bit of food and drink we consume informs that chemistry profile, which then goes on to inform every system of our body. It informs our systems to either function in health, or to function in disease.

Here is the thing- our bodies want to be WELL. They work so incredibly hard 24/7 to provide our spirit and our minds with a healthy home. The only directive of our human bodily system is the order to live. And it does so brilliantly, in spite of our daily desire to muck it all up. Fast food, smoking, candy, soda, alcohol, stress, pollution, environmental toxins…in spite of putting trash into our engine, our bodies continue to work so hard to keep going…until they are so overwhelmed or exhausted disease begins to take hold.

What happens then? We blame our bodies. We feel out of control, let down, afraid, maybe even angry. We feel like a prisoner of our own life, we just want to be free again.

The thing is, our body still just wants to do its job. It still wants to keep us well!

Consider what could happen if you started putting the right fuel in your engine. It sounds like it should be easy, right? In theory yes, it does. But in practice, it can be quite challenging, especially if you are already not feeling well, your energy is low, all the information you research feels overwhelming or even contradictory. This is the work we do for our clients. Both Lauren and I have lived this reality personally, and have over 20 years combined education and practical experience working with clients and patients.  We set ourselves free of chronic illness and chronic stress. It would be our deepest pleasure to help set you free as well.

Through interactive nutritional counseling, Chinese Medicine, customized superfoods and herbal remedies, customized blood work, and much more, we would love to work with you to create your roadmap back to good health, and get you back to living your life freely!