What is Functional Healthcare?

We are moving into an awareness that disease is not something that happens to us by an unknown and random force.  Disease, the diagnosis of a symptom or group of symptoms into a singular definition of categorical biological dysfunction, is what happens when the body has reached it's maximum capacity for corrective care.  You see, our body wants to be well. It is constantly functioning in incredible cohesion to keep itself healthy.  The choices a person makes for their body on a daily basis impact the function of our bodies systems for the better or for the worse.  If enough worse has tipped the scales to the point where the body cannot maintain a good biological balance, then what we call a "disease" occurs.  The expression of a "disease" is the body's way of sending up an emergency flare. It's a last resort measure to get us to notice it's struggle.

Once the body has sent out that emergency flare, one needs to address that flare. Usually this is done with current conventional medicine. However, what about all of the history that lead up to that moment? What about the less than stellar dietary decisions? What about the stress? What about the emotional habits that triggered the stress that lead to the less than stellar dietary choices? 

What about all of that?

Not to mention, what if you would rather not continue down the path of more medication, more disease, more emergency flares?

That is where Functional Healthcare comes in.  Your experience on this planet, as you now, are a sum total of your daily decisions. We live at a very fast pace, with more stimuli and information than ever before. The way out of the emergency flare state can be overwhelming and unclear. Functional Healthcare is all encompassing and complimentary.  Functional Healthcare addresses all the systems, recognizing each system as a part of a whole.  It is the way of true, lasting, reliable wellness and proper function.  It is a unique wellness experience for each individual, and can be taken as far as each individual wishes to go.