This level is what we offer for the awesome members at CrossFit Anywhere. Coach Lauren is available for personal training, as well as customized Paleo nutrition coaching on any level- from new members who have never done a nutrition challenge to seasoned career athlete members who need someone else to think about their meal plans.

Personal Training: 

3 session package $165
5 session package $260 (save $15)
Single Coaching  session (if you have done a package within 6 months) $55

Nutrition Coaching:

New Client Interview $55

45-day Nutrition Coaching Package $420
For less than $10 a day you can have 45 days of customized, results based, real time interactive nutrition coaching.  
•    Customized overview of your 45 day plan
•    Benchmark work out at beginning and end
•    Paleo knowledge bomb packet

•    Measurements and photo
•    Daily food log with dynamic feedback
•    Email check-ins
•    Recipes and homework
•    Personal real-life game plan session at end of challenge

Optional add-ons $55 per hour:
Grocery Store trip- Let's read labels together
Kitchen Raid- Let me educate you about what can stay and what needs to go