Autism Link Discovered

This is a massive discovery by two exemplary scientists. Here is the link to the article.

"The couple found that certain bacteria in the mother’s digestive tract can lead to having an autistic child. Furthermore, they found the exact brain location linked to autistic behaviors, which can be used to find a cure for autism."

The connection of gut health to the brain is gaining more and more traction. Here at Live Set Free we are firmly committed to proper nutrition above all else. Not only have each of us had profound personal healing experiences as the result of following proper dietary habits, we see it constantly with our clients and patients. Everything from spontaneous blood pressure regulation to anxiety reduction to fertility to suddenly just being nicer to be around (this last one is the one that tickles us the most!).

Although the article talks about now being able to look toward a "cure", a much less expensive and immediate action women who are looking to conceive can take is learning how to eat, how to use food as medicine, to support a healthy and thriving gut biome. We are here to help!