Upcoming Changes

Thankfully things are still young in the life of this website, because we have decided to change our name! We loved To Be Set Free as the name of our business, however, the website was already owned which is why our url is www.2besetfree.com. We weren't interested in a bidding war with the owner (is it just me who finds it so SHIESTY that people buy names so you have to buy them if you want to use them? *eyeroll*) so out of the blue I toss out "Live Set Free" to Lauren and she loved it, so there it is. Also, it was available as a dot com. Yay!

Hopefully in about a month we should be set up at www.livesetfree.com. We really are happy with the new name. It feels stronger, more direct and empowering. Action oriented. Which is how we are, and how we want to help you create your life to be. We are very excited and inspired as we have a lot of pretty neat ideas and future dreams. 

Stay tuned!