A Change in Taste

I have been eating strict Paleo for over 3 years. When I initially went Paleo, I spontaneously lost about 25 pounds in the first 3 months. After that weight loss burst, I pretty much leveled off except for two spans of time when life was very full (read: stressful, but in the growth sort of way) and I lost around 10-12 pounds during these times. Of course, once life leveled off I gained those 10-ish pounds back because I really wasn't eating enough so it wasn't a sustainable, body-friendly weight loss experience.

My physical body is just fine. I have a ton of energy, stable and appropriate emotions, I'm generally pain free on the day-to-day and I have zero PMS. Superficially my body shape is normal, pleasing to most. I have cellulite from long-standing auto immune disorders and I jiggle where I would rather flex, but over all no one would look at me unpleasantly or kick me out of bed as they say. Regardless, I want to feel even better. I want to flex more, I want to be stronger, I want to feel free in my shape. I am on the path of liberation on all levels. That being said;

We are currently doing Paleo with Zone.  

Thank goodness Lauren is a number cruncher and list maker. Both things give me atmospheric hives. I couldn't Zone block without her. I can delve onto the philosophy and scientific reasonings of the book for dayzzz but numbers and blocks and g's and oz's, nah. So, we are Paleo Zoning, and at Whole Foods last night I spy SUMO ORANGES. My loves. My ugly outie belly buttoned palm sized globes of liquid sunshine. All the yum. 

We get home after a long and rainy day (so hungry!), unpack and eat. Of course, like any self respecting person would after dinner I want DESSERT 'cause I EARNED it. Do you know what Lauren says to me? She says No. But, I only want 1/2 an orange (...and a few dark chocolate chips because the combo is so fantastically amazing together and I wait all year for Sumo's to come into season and I only want like 5 chocolate chips and but why can't I, I want it) Still. the answer is no. So this morning, while she is at work being amazing, I do what any self respecting person would do and I HAVE MY SLICE OF SUMO ORANGE and 4 chocolate chips. 

(Cue the Dramatic Chipmunk) It. Wasn't. Amazing. 

Oh my god, it wasn't amazing. The orange was so sweet and the chocolate chips tasted almost sharp in their respective sweetness. Like, the cold and acrid sharpness of the sugar in the chocolate OFFENDED me. Naturally, I ate all four chips because I was sure this was a trick. Nope, yuck. 

My tastes have changed. 

Yours will too, I promise. 

I had my proper breakfast of eggs and mushrooms sautéed in ghee with a side of roasted Japanese yam and blackberries. Guess what? The yam was so sweet, it made me really happy.

Sugar isn't the only form of sweetness you should have in your life...in the philosophies of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine sweetness needs to be found in many areas of your life, not just in the taste of your food. We need to practice taking in the sweetness found in our lives and let that satiate our souls and brighten our mood. The Earth element resides within us as the relative Qi of our Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas digestion system. The draining and weakening emotional aspect of the Earth element is over-thinking, remorse, regret, worry. The restoring emotional aspect of the element is openness, acceptance, equanimity, impartiality. It is important to pay attention to yourself, your reactions, your habits, lest they drain your Earth energy and drive you to seek solace and comfort in sugary, quick reward food items. Instead, flex your mental muscle and observe yourself, ask yourself what is it I really want and need. And then take the beginning steps to shift your life in that direction, no matter how small that first step is.

xo K